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The study of earthquake, seismic sources, and wave propagation through the Earth.

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seismic survey

Earth science; Seismology

A technique for determining the detailed structure of the rocks underlying a particular area by passing acoustic shock waves into the strata and detecting and measuring the reflected signals.


Earth science; Seismology

A small explosion used to produce shock waves during a seismic survey.

jug hustler

Earth science; Seismology

A member of a seismic crew who operates the geophones.

seismic exploration

Earth science; Seismology

An exploration technique involving the use of seismic methods.

seismic observer

Earth science; Seismology

A seismic observer operates geophysical recording instruments used in seismic surveys and performs routine maintenance to ensure optimum data quality.


Earth science; Seismology

A roughly linear, cliff-like slope or face that breaks the continuity of a surface into distinct levels. Scarps are often produced by faulting, especially that which involves a significant amount of ...


Earth science; Seismology

A scientist who studies earthquakes, seismic sources, and wave propagation through the Earth.

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