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Semiconductor quality

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Semiconductor quality

lid torque

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A test which tests the integrity of the seal of a semiconductor device (usually one that employs a glass frit seal) by twisting the package and the lid in opposite but parallel directions.

line width

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A measure of the horizontal dimensions of surface features of a semiconductor die, such as the separation between gate and drain diffusions on an MOS die.

large scale integration (LSI)

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

LSI devices are generally accepted to be those that contain between 100 and 1000 gate equivalents, or other circuitry of similar complexity.

lot tolerance percent defective (LTPD)

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A single lot sampling concept that statistically ensures rejection of 90% of all lots having a greater percent defective than the specified LTPD.


Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A semiconductor building block containing a relatively complex electronic function that can be combined through CAD with other cells to perform a complex function with less design effort than a ...

majority carrier

Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

The mobile charge carrier (hole or electron) that predominates in a semiconductor material. When a channel is created within the silicon, the channel will normally result from a change of majority ...


Semiconductors; Semiconductor quality

A patterned screen of any of several materials used to expose selected areas of a semiconductor covered with a light-sensitive photoresist to polymerizing light during the fabrication process.

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