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Electronic components; Sensors

A sudden, short burst of electric current that flows in one direction is called as impulse.


Electronic components; Sensors

A sensor is a device that receives signals and responds to them, or that convert them in others signals which can be read by an observer or by an instrument. Most sensors are calibrated against known ...

Coolant Temperature Sensors

Electronic components; Sensors

The Coolant Temperature Sensor (CLT) is located near the thermostat. As its name suggests, this sensor analyzes the temperature of the engine coolant. According to AllPar Repairs, information from ...

brake sensor

Electronic components; Sensors

Steel semi circular parts which have a layer of friction material that are used in pairs, two per drum, to stop a vehicle that has drum type brakes. When the brake pedal is pressed, the shoes push ...

map sensors

Electronic components; Sensors

Part of the ABS system. An electronic sensor used to control brake system to prevent driver from locking wheels and skidding, and instead allowing the vehicle to achieve a controlled stop using ...

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