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Of or referring to any personal computing system which is dedicated to run one or more services to serve the needs of the users of other computers on a network.

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Computer; Servers

The network that connects computers around the world. People send and receive the information over the Internet.


Computer; Servers

A system of sending and getting messages and documents over a computer network is termed as e-mail.

blade server

Computer; Servers

A blade server is a server chassis housing multiple thin, modular electronic circuit boards, known as server blades. Each blade is a server in its own right, often dedicated to a single application. ...


Computer; Servers

Directly connected, so that a computer immediately receives an input from or sends an output to a peripheral process etc.carried out while so connected or under direct computer control.


Computer; Servers

On the Internet or other network, a computer or program that hosts web pages and responds to commands from a client.


Computer; Servers

Software as a Service, this term represents a new way to sell softwares. Clients do not have to buy and become owner of the software. Now, clients can enjoy all services provided by the software with ...

Data terminal equipment

Computer; Servers

Workstation connected to a network through a modem.

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