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Shooting is the process of firing a projectile weapon, the activity is conducted as a recreational activity and in competition through the use of guns, bows, crossbows, etc.

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Sports; Shooting

A person who is skilled in precision, or shooting, using projectile weapons, such as with a rifle but most commonly with a sniper rifle, to shoot at long range targets.

ready position

Sports; Shooting

In skeet shooting the shooter keeps his weapon at is side until the target appears and then moves the weapon to their shoulder to shot the target. In trap shooting the weapon is already on the ...

regular target

Sports; Shooting

An unbroken pigeon or clay target.


Sports; Shooting

A weapon that has a long barrel and buttstock that is held to the shoulder when fired. Two hands are used when firing a rifle as opposed to a pistol.


Sports; Shooting

This is a cartridge that has the explosive that ignites the powder inside the rim of the case.

running target

Sports; Shooting

This is a target, which is on a mechanical track and it is moved along this track to imitate a moving animal or some other type of target.


Sports; Shooting

A device the shooter can look through that magnifies the target they are shooting at.

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