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Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard.

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5-0 grind

Sports; Skateboarding

A 5-0 (five-oh spin) is when the skateboarder grinds with only the back truck. The nose of the skateboard is up in the air a little, making the whole trick look and feel something like a manual. The ...


Sports; Skateboarding

A flip technique where the skater ollies and kicks the skateboard to make it flip underneath him or her. To perform the heelflip a skateboarder ollies and slides his or her front foot to the toe side ...


Sports; Skateboarding

Indy describes a specific type of grab, where the skatboarder reaches his or her back hand down and grabs the toe side of the skateboard between the rider's feet. The Indy is the most common type of ...

Japan air

Sports; Skateboarding

While airborne, the skateboarder grabs the toe edge of the skateboard between the trucks with his or her front hand. While grabbing the board like this, the skater twists their body so that the chest ...


Sports; Skateboarding

A kickflip is similar to an ollie, but the sakter flicks the board with his/her foot to make it spin while in the air. In a clean kickflip, the skater kicks the board with the ball of his or her ...


Sports; Skateboarding

A kickturn is where you balance on your rear wheels, and spin your body around. Kickturns can go either direction (frontside or backside), and be at any degree (90, 180, 360 for a full spin all the ...


Sports; Skateboarding

The kingpin is the bolt that runs through the center of skateboard trucks, and holds the trucks together. The kingpin runs through the hangar and two bushings, and then directly into the baseplate. ...

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