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The internal structure composed of bone and cartilage that protects and supports the soft organs, tissues, and other parts of a vertebrate organism.

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Anatomy; Skeletal

The hard, outer covering of an animal, such as clam, snail, or insect. The hard outer covering of a bird's egg is also called a shell.


Anatomy; Skeletal

The column of bones in a vertebrate that runs down the center of the back. The spine supports the body.


Anatomy; Skeletal

A hollow space in a bone of the skull. The sinuses of the skull are filled with air and connect with the nose.


Anatomy; Skeletal

Either of two flat, triangle-shaped bones on the upper part of the back on either side of the spine.


Anatomy; Skeletal

The long flat bone in the middle of the chest. The ribs attach to the sternum.


Anatomy; Skeletal

An animal that has a spine. Vertebrates have a nervous system that is divided into a brain and a spinal cord.


Anatomy; Skeletal

A tooth with a broad upper surface, found at the back of the jaws. Molars are used for grinding or chewing.

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