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Sleep disorder

The disturbance of normal sleep patterns caused by a broad range of illnesses, including dysfunctional sleep mechanisms, abnormalities in physiological functions during sleep, abnormalities of the biological clock, and sleep disturbances that are induced by factors extrinsic to the sleep process.

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Sleep disorder


Health care; Sleep disorder

Short period of sleep at a time separate from the major sleep period, especially during the day.

rebound insomnia

Health care; Sleep disorder

Sleep difficulties after discontinuing use of a hypnotic medication.

restless legs syndrome (RLS)

Health care; Sleep disorder

Sleep disorder characterized by a deep creeping, or crawling sensation in the legs even when the legs are not moving. There is neurologic movement disorder that causes an almost irresistible urge to ...

sleep fragmentation

Health care; Sleep disorder

Sleep interruption due to frequent or sustained awakenings or early morning awakenings.


Health care; Sleep disorder

Sleeplessness; chronic difficulty with sleep onset or maintenance of sleep, or a perception of nonrefreshing sleep. People with insomnia have one or more of the following: * difficulty falling ...


Health care; Sleep disorder

Somnambulism. A sleep disorder where the person gets out of bed and walks around during sleep. Typically occurs in the first third of the night during deep NREM sleep (stages 3 and 4).


Health care; Sleep disorder

Somnolence, drowsiness - state where the subject finds it difficult to maintain the wakeful state and falls asleep if not actively kept aroused. Differs from simply a feeling of physical tiredness or ...

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