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Garments that are worn during the night whilst in bed or asleep.

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Apparel; Sleepwear

A babydoll is a woman's short gown sometimes with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons, may be with spaghetti straps. Made of delicate fabrics, often sheer and many times formed of shaped bra cups with an ...

brush back

Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a type of fabric lining the inside of a pajama that gives a warm, flannel feel against the skin.

drawstring waist

Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a string sewn into the waistband of a pant that draws the waist in for a snug fit and is most commonly tied into a bow.

bed jacket

Apparel; Sleepwear

It's a short jacket or robe that is worn over pajamas and used to keep warm in bed or provide extra coverage.


Apparel; Sleepwear

Loose fitting sleep gown with no waistline and usually with spaghetti straps. Originally worn as undergarment, later as night wear. Sometimes called a shift or slip.

shortie pajama

Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a two-piece pajama set and the bottom is a short. Usually worn in summer.


Apparel; Sleepwear

It is a loose-fitting nightshirt and is typically a little longer than a regular shirt.

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