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A thick beverage that combines pureed fruit and/or vegetables with ice and milk, yoghurt, or juice.

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peach smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

The recipes are great healthy drinks whether they are made from fresh peaches or canned ones. Peaches contain phytonutrients, antioxidants, and carotenoids that are important in reducing chronic ...

banana smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

The recipes are probably the hugest collection of smoothie recipes. Some people define a smoothie as having bananas mixed in to them. Also bananas seem to make the smoothie the texture that every one ...

blackberries smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

Blackberries are similar to raspberries with some of the same nutritional values and health benefits including antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. The blackberry can often be confused with the ...

mango smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

Mangos are hard fruits to find ripe, so mango smoothie recipes are enjoyed seasonally. Mangos have a very sweet taste and are quite juicy. The flavor of mango is strong enough that it can be used on ...

orange smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

Orange smoothie recipes usually incorporate the sweetness and tangy flavor of different type of oranges from navel to mandarin. Oranges provide a lot of juice and flavor to any fruit smoothie recipe.

blueberries smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

Blueberries will add some natural sweetness to any smoothie no matter what other ingredients are combined. A very sweet taste that you can enjoy just by eating them alone or combined with many other ...

pomegranate smoothie

Beverages; Smoothies

A Pomegranate smoothie recipe will taste best if you use fresh strawberries instead of frozen ones.The most favorite ones because of their tasty flavor and ability to mix with other fruits. If frozen ...

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