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Snowboarding is a recreational and competitive sport where the participant rides a board down a snow slope. The sport is involved in the winter olympics in several different specialized forms.

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Taipan Air

Sports; Snowboarding

This trick requires the snowboarder to reach with their front hand behind their front foot and grab the toe edge between the bindings. Then their front knee is bent so that it touches the board ...

Three-Sixty (360)

Sports; Snowboarding

Simply to rotate 360-degrees in the air and landing riding forward.

Canadian Bacon Air

Sports; Snowboarding

The snowboarders knees are bent a bit and using their rear hand they reach behind their rear leg and grab the toe edge between their legs and at the same time the rear leg is in a tailbone position.


Sports; Snowboarding

The Federation Internationale de Ski. This is the organization that governs skiing and snowboarding.

Five-Forty (540)

Sports; Snowboarding

When a snowboarder rotates 540 degrees, a circle and a half, in the air and then lands riding fakie.

Inverted 720 (720 McTwist)

Sports; Snowboarding

The snowboarder comes up to the wall riding forward, they then go airborne, rotating 720-degrees in a backside direction with a front flip. They land riding fakie.


Sports; Snowboarding

The International Snowboard Federation.

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