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Soccer is a competitive sport usually played between two teams of 11 players with a spherical ball. The object of the game is to kick the ball into the opposing team's goal. Participants are not allowed to use their hands to touch the ball with the exception of throwing the ball back into play after it goes out of bounds.

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Sports; Football

Situations where a team has possession of the ball and outnumbers the opposition near the opposing goal.

american football

Sports; Football

A term used by non-Americans to distinguish the popular U.S. sport of football from soccer which they also call football.

attacking midfielder

Sports; Football

The most forward-playing midfielder, playing right behind the forwards; he supports the offense by providing passes to forwards to set up goals.


Sports; Football

Any player on the team that has possession of the ball.

attacking team

Sports; Football

The team that has possession of the ball.

A.S. Roma

Sports; Soccer

A.S.Roma is a professional Italian football club; the stadium of A.S.Roma is Stadio Olimpico.

A.C.F. Fiorentina

Sports; Soccer

A.C.F. Fiorentina is a professional Italian football club; the stadium of A.C.F. Fiorentina is Stadio Artemio Franchi.

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