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Social learning

Learning through social based collaboration, sharing and teaching.

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Social learning


Social network; Social learning

A perspective/philosophy that implies knowledge is not imparted to learners but rather that knowledge is constructed inside the learner. Learners construct their own meaning, which means they choose ...

Twitter Tracker

Social network; Social learning

A satirical segment first seen on the Conan O'Brien show on NBC where O'Brien highlights famous people's tweets, except that the tweets are usually uninteresting and are always fake.


Social network; Social learning

The number of Twitter accounts that follow a certain Twitter account. You can follow as many Twitter accounts as you want, but you must have an account of your own in order to follow. Common ...


Social network; Social learning

Refers to social networking updates users post on their own social networking accounts. People update their Twitter statuses much more frequently than their Facebook statuses. Hey, I saw your ...


Social network; Social learning

Popular social networking site for mostly young people (19-30) living in Beijing. Very popular networking site for foreigners in Beijing looking to meet new people. Website also provides a 'jobs' ...


Social network; Social learning

Also known as "RT". This term is used when a Twitter user copies another Twitter user's tweet (giving the original user credit)and uses it as their own tweet at that particular time.


Sociology; Social learning

One whose earnings are the primary source of support for one's dependents.

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