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Social media based marketing.

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Social marketing


Social network; Social marketing

Blog + stalker = blawker. Someone that regularly checks in on a limited number of choice blogs that they are fans of, often without leaving comments but with high appreciation for the blog content.

Facebook case

Social network; Social marketing

Yahoo! has accused Facebook of usurping patents, especially concerning advertising and protection of private life. Facebook is claimed to have used ten patents without authorization. Yahoo! said: ...


Automotive; Automobile

A compound word from 'Welfare', 'Well', 'Welcome' and 'Cabin' to indicate a vehicle for disabled people. With a concept of 'To give freedom to everyone', Toyota support not only people who are ...


Social network; Social marketing

An extreme feeling of frustration/being fed up, with the abundance of poorly wrought memes which are posted to social media-especially those that are misspelled and have poor grammar.


Social network; Social marketing

Using Facebook for social networking; spending time on Facebook. "What is your dad doing?" "He's been Facebooking all morning."

Don't Stop Searching / Find Our Sailors

Social network; Social marketing

#DontStopSearching and #FindOurSailors are two hashtags which represent the online media campaign that is trying to encourage governments to keep searching for four missing British men. They've been ...

bring back our girls

Social network; Social marketing

(#bringbackourgirls) The name of the 2014 online media campaign which highlights the subject of the 250+ secondary school girls kidnapped in Nigeria by the group and militant organization called Boko ...

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