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Software development

The production of programs to be run on hardware.

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Software development


Software; Operating systems

It is a operating system for mobile developed by google


Software; Software development

Joint development of a software product. Working- and communicating-closely with others in order to increase productivity and promote creativity.


Software; Software development

With its origins in the Hawaiian word for “quick”, Wiki commonly denotes at platform developed using a simplified markup language. Wiki platforms are traditionally cloud-based, share the same ...

pilot program

Software; Software development

A process by which new features are introduced to a sub-group of users of an application in order to get feedback and observe results of the change.

extranet user

Software; Software development

A person or system that accesses an application or data source via a dedicated interface other to perform a role other than that of a user or developer. For example, a vendor inserts data about their ...

content manager

Software; Software development

A system user that is responsible for adding and maintaining content for a site or group of sites. A content manager uses tools provided within the application to manage this custom data.

non-linear workflow

Software; Software development

A workflow created with the capacity for flexible sequencing and/or optional steps to achieve completion.

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