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Space flight

Of or relating to the act of voyaging outside the Earth's atmosphere and into outer space, and the science involved in achieving it.

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Space flight

lunar probe

Aerospace; Space flight

A lunar probe is a scientific space exploration mission in which a man-made spacecraft is sent into the Moon orbital space. China launched its latest lunar probe, the Chang'e-2, on October 1, 2010 ...

estimated approach time

Aerospace; Space flight

The time at which air traffic control (ATC) expects that an arriving aircraft following a delay will leave the holding point.


Aerospace; Space flight

The oldest of NASA's three surviving space shuttles, Discovery’s maiden voyage was in 1984. It made both return-to-flight missions following the Challenger and Columbia disasters, and delivered the ...

Kwant 2

Aerospace; Space flight

Kwant 2 was a module of the Soviet space station MIR.


Aerospace; Space flight

Kwant was a module of the Soviet space station MIR.


Aerospace; Space flight

Laika was a dog that was sent to space by the Soviet Union. She is the first animal that was sent to space.


Aerospace; Space flight

Fobos Grunt was a space craft that crashed on earth in 2011. It's purpose was to fly to Mars and to analyze Phobos' atmosphere.

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