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mirror displacement

Chemistry; Spectroscopy

The distance that the mirror in an interferometer has moved from zero path difference.

jacquinot advantage

Chemistry; Spectroscopy

This is the throughput advantage of FT-IRs over traditional spectrometers that require a slit aperture. The advantage varies as wavenumber and depends on resolution (because of slit width changes). ...


Chemistry; Spectroscopy

An aperture placed in the beam to restrict the divergence to the maximum compatible with the selected resolution. When choosing lower resolution you can improve the S/N by opening the stop. Note that ...


Chemistry; Spectroscopy

A plot of infrared detector response versus optical path difference. The fundamental measurement obtained by an FT-IR is an interferogram. Interferograms are Fourier transformed to give infrared ...

fourier transform

Chemistry; Spectroscopy

Calculation performed on an interferogram to turn it into an infrared spectrum.

felgett (multiplex) advantage

Chemistry; Spectroscopy

An advantage of FT-IR instrument compared to scanning/single channel dispersive instruments. It is based on the fact that in an FT-IR all the wavenumbers of light are detected at once.

apodization functions

Chemistry; Spectroscopy

Functions used to multiply an interferogram to reduce the amount of sidelobes in a spectrum. Different types of apodization functions include boxcar, triangle, Beer-Norton, Hanning, and Bessel. The ...

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