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Speed skating

Speeed skating is a competitive form of ice skating in which individuals race around an ice rink. There are three categories of the sport based on speed and distance they are, short-track speed skating, long-track speed skating and marathon speed skating.

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Speed skating

age classes

Sports; Speed skating

There are different age classes in Speed Skating. 10 - 11 years old are called midgets, (a term we here at Fuzilogik Sports really don't like, we are not trying to be politically correct, we just ...


Sports; Speed skating

After making a stride, the skater brings their foot in a curved motion behind their body so they will be ready to take their next stride. Because this motion resembles a "D" that is how it got its ...


Sports; Speed skating

Skaters wear armbands to identify themselves. The skater who starts the race in the inner track will wear a white armband; the skater who starts the race in the outer lane will wear a red armband.

assistant judges

Sports; Speed skating

There are two assistant judges and their responsibility is to make sure that skaters, when changing lanes, do so in a legal manner.


Sports; Speed skating

This refers to when one skater increases their speed to catch and pass the other competitor(s).


Sports; Speed skating

The blades used in long track speed skating are usually between 16.5 - 18.1 inches (42-46 cm) long and .039 inches (1 mm) wide. Blades used in short track speed skating are usually right around 18.1 ...


Sports; Speed skating

These are lane markers in long track skating and they mark the shape of the track in short track skating. Skaters must stay on the outside of the markers. Skaters can move the lane markers, (in long ...

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