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Any arachnid of the order Araneae, having a body divided into a cephalothorax with eight legs, two poison fangs, and two feelers as well as an unsegmented abdomen with several spinnerets that produce the silk used to make nests, cocoons, or webs for trapping insects.

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Animals; Spiders

The tarantula is the world's biggest spider with a large hairy body and legs. It’s from the spider family of Theraphosidae. There are at least eleven different kinds of tarantula in the world. A ...


Animals; Spiders

The posterior (rear) of the two major divisions of the body of a spider.

accessory claws

Animals; Spiders

Serrated, thickened hairs near the true claws in some spiders.

anal tubercle

Animals; Spiders

The small caudal tubercle bearing the anal opening; the postabdomen.


Animals; Spiders

Rings of pigmentation around leg segments.


Animals; Spiders

The segmented sensory organs often termed "feelers," borne on the heads of insects, crustacea, et cetera , but missing in all arachnids.


Animals; Spiders

Nearer the front or head end.

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