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Squares are public places most often located in traditional city or town centers. Squares typically are hardscapes which suits them well for hosting political events, open markets, concerts, etc.

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Tahrir Square

Public areas; Squares

Politically sensitive square in downtown Cairo, which has hosted many demonstrations. The square was renamed Midan Tahrir in 1952 to mark the Egyptian Revolution, meaning "liberation square".

carolingian schools

Public areas; Squares

Under the Merovingian Kings there was established at the court a school, the chroniclers of the eighth century styled it — for the training of the young Frankish nobles in the art of war and in the ...

Kossuth Square

Public areas; Landmarks

The main square of Debrecen, which was handed over to the public in 2001. It is a community space, which gives home to lots of public concerts, festivals like the annual Flower Carneval. The square ...

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