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Steel is a type of metal forged with iron and coal that is lighter and stronger than iron.

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2-micron runout

Metals; Steel

отклонение до два микрона

brake disc

Automotive; Steel

спирачен диск

8620 steel hardened to 60 Rc

Industrial machinery; Steel

стомана тип 8620 закалена до твърдост 60 Rc


Metals; Steel

A metal that is made of iron and carbon. The carbon makes the iron stronger, harder, and able to be bent.

agglomerating processes

Metals; Steel

Fine particles of iron ore are difficult to handle and transport because of dusting and decomposition. The powdery material is therefore usually processed into larger pieces including: : ...


Metals; Steel

A change in the properties of certain metal and alloys (such as steel) that occurs at ambient or moderately elevated temperatures after a hot working heat treatment or cold working operation. ...

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