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Any competing device or software used to record data.

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Computer; Storage

An attempt by a malicious (or unwitting) user, process, or system to prevent legitimate users from accessing a resource (usually a network service) by exploiting a weakness or design limitation in an ...


Computer; Storage

The smallest unit of information in a computer or other binary device. Each bit may have a value of either zero or one for a total of two states; n bits are therefore capable of expressing two to ...

compression ratio

Computer; Storage

The amount by which data are compressed, expressed in relation to the original file size. Higher ratios produce smaller files but result in more data degradation.


Computer; Storage

A type of data volume reduction (compression) where signal data is not lost.

low-pass filter

Computer; Storage

A low-pass filter is a filter that passes low-frequency signals but attenuates (reduces the amplitude of) signals with frequencies higher than the cutoff frequency.

cold buffer

Computer; Storage

In data processing, a cold buffer is a buffer (segment of computer memory reserved for temporary data storage) that hasn't been used or accessed recently.


Computer; Storage

A shyte is used to measure corrupt data, bad programming and rubbish on the internet. One shyte equals one byte.

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