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Terms that relate to weather changing into dangerous or extreme conditions.

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cold front

Weather; Storms

The advancing edge of the mass of cold air that pushes under a mass of warm air.It brings thunderstorms.

Hurricane Isaac (2012)

Weather; Storms

Hurricane Isaac reached hurricane strength the morning of August 28 2012. It is now a category 1 storm currently hitting the northern Gulf Coast of the United States, including the western Florida ...

spring tide

Weather; Storms

A tide in which the difference between the high and the low tide is the greatest is called spring tide.


Weather; Storms

A whirling mass of water or air that sucks everything near it towards its center. Tornadoes are vortexes.


Weather; Storms

A current of water that spins rapidly. Whirlpools can swirl with great force and pull objects beneath the water surface.

high tide

Weather; Storms

The time when the tide reaches its highest level on the shore. High tide happens twice each day.


Weather; Storms

The area of land between the limits of high and low tides. During high tide, the littoral is covered with seawater.

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