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Style, cut & fit

Clothing fashion design, color, trend and style.

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Style, cut & fit

leg-of-mutton sleeve

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

(Also known as a gigot sleeve) a loose, full sleeve, rounded from the shoulder to just below the elbow, then shaped to the arm, often ending in a point at the wrist.


Fashion; Style, cut & fit

It is a long, loose flowing gown worn as an outer covering.It shows office or rank especially at ceremonies.

basque waist

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

Sometimes called a V-waist, this is a dropped waist that starts at or just below the natural waistline, and dips in the center creating a "V" shape.


Fashion; Style, cut & fit

The manner or disposition of representing complete and utter dreck (dreck + attitude). Created by the amazing André Leon Talley it is sort of a “state of being when every pose, styling cue, or ...


Fashion; Style, cut & fit

Wife-beater is a shirt manufactured without sleeves, or one whose sleeves have been cut off. Sleeveless shirts are worn by either sex, depending on the style.They are mostly preferred in hot ...

t-back shirt

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

A T-back shirt is a tank top that is much narrower in the back than the front. The style for women varies greatly from those worn by men (primarily weightlifters). Female T-back shirts cover more of ...

sheath dress

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

In the 1960s it became known as the Jackie 'O' dress, usually knee length classic dress, collorless and close fitting, straight and cut from a single fabric piece with a round or oval neckline. ...

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