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Submission is a combat sports term for yielding to the opponent, and hence resulting in an immediate defeat.

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Martial arts; Submission

A lock in which the arm is straightened hyper extending the elbow. In MMA this is most often done by trapping the arm between the legs and extending the hips upward.

choke hold

Martial arts; Submission

A submission hold applied to the neck that restricts air flow, blood flow or both. A choke is designed to cause the other fighter to tap out or be choked out.


Martial arts; Submission

A Kimura lock using the leg to trap the fighter's arm instead of the arm. This armlock can also be used as a sweep instead of a submission. This is the case in judo where this technique is called ...

tap out

Martial arts; Submission

A method in which a fighter submits to his opponent by tapping his opponent, himself or the mat. Verbal tap outs are also allowed.


Martial arts; Submission

Oss is for all matters, a greeting. It comes from two japanese terms. The first one is Onegai Shimasu which means something like a request, or permission to fight.; used to invite a partner to roll. ...

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