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Food (other); Sugar

Chocolate is a a sweet tasting food that is dark in color and is often used in baking, for instance, chocolate chip cookies.

expression of interest

Manufacturing; Sugar

a business communication that na organization is interested in providing goods or services

machine shop

Manufacturing; Sugar

a facility that has machine tools for working with metals or other relatively hard materials, such as some polymers. Various kinds of machine shops make and repair all types of metal objects, from ...

open gearing

Manufacturing; Sugar

Open assembly of gears transmitting motion to the engine

ball mills

Manufacturing; Sugar

a horizontal cylinder or cone in which a substance, such as a mineral, is ground by rotation with steel or ceramic balls

vertical shaft

Manufacturing; Sugar

A long, narrow, vertical passage sunk into the earth, as for mining ore; a tunnel

rotary kilns

Manufacturing; Sugar

A long cylindrical kiln lined with refractory, inclined at a slight angle, and rotated at a slow speed.

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