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Sumo is a form of full-contact wrestling in which two wrestlers attempt to force eachother out of the circular ring or to touch ground with any body part other than the soles of their feet. The sport has a long history and is deeply influenced by tradition and ritual.

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Sports; Sumo

The most anticipated bout of the day.


Sports; Sumo

Power-water. The ladleful of water with which a wrestler will ceremonially rinse out his mouth prior to a bout, handed to him by either the victorious wrestler of the previous bout if he was on the ...


Sports; Sumo

Traditional Japanese haircut with a topknot, now only worn by rikishi and so an easy way to recognize that a man is in the sumo profession.


Sports; Sumo

Nickname for Wakanosato coined by Mike and Kenji. Wakanosato measures the performance of the other sanyaku rikishi each basho. If a rikishi loses to Wakanosato, he is not performing well enough to ...


Sports; Sumo

Venue. Any sumo tournament. Compare honbasho.


Sports; Sumo

A stew unique to sumo where a myriad of fish, meat, vegetables, and noodles are added to a thick broth. Chanko-nabe, along with rice and beer, is the staple diet for the sumo rikishi.


Sports; Sumo

Outsider to the list. A wrestler who is not yet ranked, or has fallen off the banzuke due to injury or other reason for non-participation.

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