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Electronic components; Switches

The total distance the actuator can move.

two circuits

Electronic components; Switches

A circuit in which one circuit is completed in one position and another separate circuit is completed in an other position.

vibration resistance

Electronic components; Switches

The range of vibration for which closed contacts will not open for longer than a specific time when vibration is applied to a switch currently in operation.


Electronic components; Switches

Applied to PC board mounted devices indicating compatibility with cleaning processes used after soldering. No degradation of electrical or mechanical parameters occurs. The switch is sealed to keep ...

wave soldering

Electronic components; Switches

A method of soldering in which a wave of molten solder contacts the components on the PCB as the PC Board with the components is conveyed through the process.

wiping action

Electronic components; Switches

Sliding of contacts over one another resulting in cleaning of the contacts.

actuation force

Electronic components; Switches

The force required to change the actuator of a switch from one position to another. Torque for rotary products.

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