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Synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is a sport combining elements of swimming, dance and gymnastics in which teams perform routines that are scored by a panel of judges on a scale of 1 to 10 based on several categories.

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Synchronized swimming

rocket split

Sports; Synchronized swimming

A swimmer will thrust themselves to a vertical position, then will perform a rapid leg split and then return to the vertical position, again at maximum height.


Sports; Synchronized swimming

In the technical portion of the routine the swimmer must perform figures that have been decided on before the competition has begun and are part of the FINA manual. In the free routine the swimmer ...

scoring figures

Sports; Synchronized swimming

Each figure has scoring that goes from 1 to 10 with half point increments.


Sports; Synchronized swimming

A movement of the hands that applies constant pressure against the water to push, balance and support the swimmers body. The hands make figure eight movements.

side layout

Sports; Synchronized swimming

The swimmer starts by lying on their back and then the swimmer rotates onto either side of their body, depending on the next figure they will be doing.

sound technician

Sports; Synchronized swimming

He is in charge of starting the music for each performance.


Sports; Synchronized swimming

Speakers are placed underneath the water so swimmers can hear the music and keep their timing when performing their routine.

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