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reciver box

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A cable TV receiver box, sometimes referred to as a tuner, is an electronic device connecting the TV and the actual cable company cable that enables a TV to receive and decode digital television ...

digital video recorder (DVR)

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A digital video recorder, commonly referred to as a DVR, typically is a stand-alone unit that records video in digital format to be played back at a later date. It functions somewhat like a VCR, ...

coaxial cable

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

Coaxial cable, also known as coax, is the cable wire most commonly used by the cable TV industry. It has a wire in the center surrounded by insulation and a grounded shield of braided wire around it ...

high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

High definition multimedia interface, more commonly referred to as HDMI, is the wave of the component-to-component TV cabling future. HDMI cables offer superior audio and video performance while ...


Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A splitter, as its name implies, splits the cable TV signal to route it to two, four or more destinations from one primary source. 


Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

A cable TV amplifier is often used if the cable signal is being split among four or more devices within a given location. The amplifier helps boost the signal and minimize any loss of picture quality ...

infrared (IR) receiver 

Broadcasting & receiving; TV equipment

An IR receiver's primary function is to receive the infrared signals sent out by remote controls, and transform them into electrical signals. IR receivers are available in many shapes and sizes to ...

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