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The science of energy and its ability to cause changes.

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Physics; Thermodynamics

A unit used to measure temperature. The size of a degree can be different on different temperature scales.


Physics; Thermodynamics

A device that sends out microwaves. Masers add energy to atoms in much the same way as lasers.

inversion temperature

Physics; Thermodynamics

The temperature point at which a constant-enthalpy line intersects the inversion line.

component volume

Physics; Thermodynamics

The volume a component in a gas mixture would occupy if it existed alone at the same temperature and pressure of the mixture.

component pressure

Physics; Thermodynamics

The pressure a component in a gas mixture would have if it existed alone at the same volume and temperature of the mixture.


Physics; Thermodynamics

Internal combustion engines in which the piston executes four complete strokes (or two mechanical cycles)—intake, compression, power, and exhaust— within the cylinder, and the crankshaft completes ...

discharge coefficient

Physics; Thermodynamics

A parameter that expresses the performance of a nozzle, which is defined as the ratio of the mass flow rate through the nozzle to the mass flow rate of isentropic flow through the nozzle from the ...

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