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A ring-shaped covering fixed around the wheel-rim of an automobile that both protects it and provides a shock-absorbant cushion to increase vehicle performance and speed.

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punk tire

Automotive; Tires

If you are driving and your tire is flat in konglish you would say that you have a punk tire.

C3M technology

Automotive; Tires

A manufacturing process that permits precise placement of different tire components and multiple rubber tread compounds.

Department of Transportation (DOT) markings

Automotive; Tires

A code molded into the sidewall of a tire signifying that the tire complies with U.S. Department of Transportation motor vehicle safety standards.

DuraGuard technology

Automotive; Tires

Includes various features, such as two sidewall plies and height strength steel belts under the tread.

Economic Commission of Europe (ECE) symbol

Automotive; Tires

The Economic Commission of Europe develops motor vehicle requirements. ECE-approved tires must meet standards for physical dimensions, branding requirements and high-speed endurance regulations.

Green X

Automotive; Tires

The Michelin® Green X® label guarantees a level of energy efficiency among the highest in the market and reduced CO2 emission while maintaining all the legendary Michelin advantages of long wear, ...

Michelin Man

Automotive; Tires

The Michelin Man™ has represented the Michelin corporation for more than 100 years.

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