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Farm vehicles used for hauling or pushing machinery equipmnet in agriculture.

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Agriculture; Tractors

Usually found in the rear of the tractor, this added weight serves as a counter balance for a heavy load, such as one carried in a front-end loader.

front-end loader (FEL)

Agriculture; Tractors

A large bucket-like implement attached to the tractor's front, a front-end loader is used to lift materials, such as rocks and dirt.

gallons per minute (gpm)

Agriculture; Tractors

This unit is a measurement of a tractor's total hydraulic power, which is used in steering and in the operation of additional implements.

hydrostatic transmission (HST)

Agriculture; Tractors

These tractors use a hydraulic-drive-propulsion system instead of a standard clutch-and-gear transmission. Hydrostatic transmissions tend to be easier to operate because they function like the ...

mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD)

Agriculture; Tractors

This can be found in tractors with differently sized front and rear wheels, allowing them 4WD capabilities despite the wheel size difference.

roll-over protective structure (ROPS)

Agriculture; Tractors

A frame on open station (non-cab) tractors provides a safe environment for the tractor operator in the event of a rollover.

three-point hitch

Agriculture; Tractors

A standard method of attaching implements to a tractor that uses two lower points and one upper point.

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