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Trenchless construction

Underground construction that involves little or no surface trenches so it has minimal disruption to traffic, business, and other activities. Trenchless technology is a fast growing sector of construction and civil engineering that covers such methods as boring, drilling, tunneling, and pipe ramming.

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Trenchless construction


Construction; Trenchless construction

A process using high pressure water to wash out the face of a utility crossing without any mechanical or hand excavation of the soils in the face. This process has also been used to remove the ...


Construction; Trenchless construction

The backfilling, compaction, and resurfacing of any excavation in order to restore the surface and underlying structure to enable it to perform its original function.

entry/exit angle

Construction; Trenchless construction

In a Horizontal Drilling or Guided Boring System, the angle to the ground surface at which the Drill String enters or exits in forming the pilot bore.

cased bore

Construction; Trenchless construction

A bore in which a pipe, usually a steel sleeve, is inserted simultaneously with the boring operation. Usually associated with Auger Boring.

fluid-assisted drilling

Construction; Trenchless construction

A tool which enlarges a bore during a Pull-Back operation by compression of the surrounding ground rather than by excavation. Sometimes used during a Thrust Boring process as well as during ...

uncased bore

Construction; Trenchless construction

Any bore without a lining or pipe inserted, i.e., self-supporting, whether temporary or permanent.


Construction; Trenchless construction

A trenchless construction method for installing pipelines with the following features: * Remote controlled - the MTBM is operated from a control panel, normally located on the surface. It ...

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