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Typography is the technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. This process includes the selection of font style, size, line length and spacing.

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Type 1

Software; Typography

The original international type standard for scalable type, invented by Adobe Systems. Type 1 is one of the most commonly available digital type formats and is often used by professional digital ...

what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

Software; Typography

Macintosh, Windows, and some UNIX environments provide a WYSIWYG screen display. What you see on the screen is what you will get on printed output, as accurately as the screen can render it.


Software; Typography

The OpenType™ format is a superset of the earlier TrueType and Adobe® PostScript® Type 1 font formats. As jointly defined by Microsoft and Adobe Systems, it is technically an extension of Microsoft's ...


Software; Typography

A scalable type technology which, along with OpenType, is built into both Windows and Mac OS.


; Typography

The letters, numbers, and symbols that make up a design of type. A typeface is often part of a type family of coordinated designs. The individual typefaces are named after the family and are also ...

typeface family

; Typography

Also known as family. The collection of faces that were designed together and intended to be used together. For example, the Garamond font family consists of roman and italic styles, as well as ...

typographic color

; Typography

The apparent blackness of a block of text. Color is a function of the relative thickness of the strokes that make up the characters in a font, as well as the width, point size, and leading used for ...

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