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Video camera


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Consumer electronics; Video camera

PowerHAD is further improvement of the Hyper HAD CCD technology, where the microscopic lenses focus more light onto the light sensors thus increased sensitivity and reduced smear.

progressive scan

Consumer electronics; Video camera

CCD design that allows the acquisition of both odd and even fields at the same time. Progressive scan makes full vertical resolution possible in Donpisha mode.

restart / reset

Consumer electronics; Video camera

Special mode in which the CCD readout cycle is stopped and restarted in synchronization with an external event. In the Stop mode, the CCD still accumulates picture information.

RGB (Red, Green, Blue)

Consumer electronics; Video camera

The primary colors of light that produce a color video image. In video, RGB refers to a system in which these three primary colors are kept isolated and delivered from the source to the display ...


Consumer electronics; Video camera

Serial data transmission standard for computers which can also be used to control camera functions.

scalable scanning

Consumer electronics; Video camera

Capability of a camera to output a picture corresponding to an user defined sub-zone of the sensor. Applied in IEEE 1394 digital cameras featuring the Format_7 output option (XCD-X700, XCD-SX900).

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