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Video editing

Of or pertaining to software that is made to organize raw video footage using editing techniques and special effects in order to create a finalized motion picture.

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Video editing


Software; Video editing

Camtasia is a screencast software that allows users to record actions on a computer screen such as navigating in a browser or running any program while allowing narration to be recorded ...


Software; Video editing

a) The number of dB increases possible above the operation level (0 VU) before unacceptable distortion occurs. b) In composition, the space between a subject’s head and the upper boundary of the ...

heads out

Software; Video editing

A way of winding tape so that the beginning of a selection is on the outside of the reel.

head-to-tape contact

Software; Video editing

The degree to which the surface of the magnetic coating approaches the surface of the record or replay heads during normal operation of a recorder. Good head-to-tape contact minimizes separation loss ...


Software; Video editing

The vertical positioning of a head with respect to a piece of tape. The size of the picture in a vertical direction.

helical scan

Software; Video editing

A method of recording video information diagonally on a tape, used in home and professional VCRs. High-speed rotating video heads scan these diagonal video tracks, giving an effective tape speed much ...

hertz (Hz)

Software; Video editing

The unit of frequency. Equivalent to cycles per second.

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