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Volleyball is a team sports involving two teams seperated by a net. The game is played with each team hitting the ball to the opposing teams side with the object of preventing the ball from touching the gound on their side. Winners are determined by the first team to reach a certain point score, typically 21 or 11.

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Sports; Volleyball

This is what a player is called who is good at setting up their teammates.

shoot set

Sports; Volleyball

This is a set that is played low and fast for the player to smash.

side out

Sports; Volleyball

This is win the serving team fails to score a point and the other team gets to serve.


Sports; Volleyball

The line that marks the out of bounds around the side of the court.


Sports; Volleyball

A ball that is hit very hard.


Sports; Volleyball

See Ace.


Sports; Volleyball

A player extends their arm over their head and they smash the ball into the opponent's side of the court.

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