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Water polo

Water Polo is a water sport played between two teams in a pool with a floating goal post on opposite ends. Each team consists of six field players and a goalie. The game involves swimming, treading water and passing the water polo ball with one hand. The winner is determined by the team with the most points.

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Water polo

advantage rule

Sports; Water polo

The referee's decision not to call a foul if it would be to the advantage of the team that committed the foul.


Sports; Water polo

A backward throw, which could either be a pass or a shot.


Sports; Water polo

Substitutes can only enter the game after a goal has been scored or an injury has happened or a player has been permanently excluded.


Sports; Water polo

A water polo team is made up of 13 players. 7 players will be in the water and 6 will be on a bench.


Sports; Water polo

Just like all other sports water polo teams have coaches usually two: a head coach and an assistant coach.

ball under

Sports; Water polo

This is a foul against a player who holds the ball underwater after an opposing player makes contact with his or her hand, arm or shoulder.


Sports; Water polo

An unsafe play is when a player kicks; elbows, punches or head butts or strikes in some manner an opposing player with the intention of hurting him /her. See Major Penalty.

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