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Water skiing

Water Skiing is a sport were a person is typically pulled behind a boat or cable ski installation on a body of water. The sport requires the skier to be pulled at high speeds in order to maintain their position above the surface.

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Water skiing

tumble turn

Sports; Water skiing

This is a trick done in barefoot skiing and it is a very impressive looking trick. The skier will roll forward over one shoulder and then roll on to their back and then they will twist forward and ...


Sports; Water skiing

See Concave


Sports; Water skiing

Turns mainly refer to trick skiing. There are two basic turns, 180-degree front to back turn then a return to a back to front turn. The other turn is a 360-degree turn without stopping and passing ...

speed control device

Sports; Water skiing

This is a piece of equipment that keeps the boat at a constant set speed through a slalom course.


Sports; Water skiing

See Observer


Sports; Water skiing

Spray is water that has been thrown in the air. Spray could be caused by a water ski, by wind or by a boat. It could be troublesome if it obstructs the vision of the skier, the boat driver or the ...


Sports; Water skiing

A nautical term for the right-hand side of a boat.

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