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Wedding gowns

Terms that relate to the clothing worn by the bride during a wedding

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Wedding gowns


Weddings; Wedding gowns

A delicate floral or leaf design on a fine net background, outlined with heavy threads to define the pattern and add more dimension.

ankle length

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Barely reveals the ankles, just a bit shorter than floor length.

antebellum waist

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Natural waistline that dips 2 or 2 1/2 inches to a point in the center front.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Decoration created by attaching pieces of fabric or lace to the gown.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Overskirt which joins in the back of the gown at the waist, but not at the hem.

halo headpiece

Weddings; Wedding gowns

A fabric-and-wire band that circles the forehead (may be decorated with pearls, sequins, or flowers).

halter neck

Weddings; Wedding gowns

The halter usually features straps which wrap around the back of the neck. The halter neck usually looks better on women who have broad shoulders and women who are tall. if you have narrow shoulders ...

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