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Womens shoes

shoe tree

Footwear; Mens shoes

Device put in shoes, especially leather shoes, to keep the shape of it.

almond toe shoe

Footwear; Womens shoes

A shoe where the upper portion is closed, and comes to a soft point when viewed from the top. This shoe is generally not elongated like a pointed toe shoe.

ballet slipper

Footwear; Womens shoes

It's a shoe where the upper portion is soft, flexible material, with an elasticized edge, and bow at the top of the toes. This shoe is very similar to a traditional ballerina’s slipper.

ankle tie

Footwear; Womens shoes

A longer strap, mostly a ribbon like material, which is wrapped several times around the ankle and/or lower calf, and tied to fasten. Also called a ankle wrap.

covered heel

Footwear; Womens shoes

A “covered heel” is any heel shape that is wrapped in the same material as the upper portion of the shoe. Most high-end shoes have a covered heel.

cuban heel

Footwear; Womens shoes

A “cuban heel” is a “chunky” four-sided heel where the front remains relatively uniform while the back tapers modestly from top to bottom.

espadrille sole

Footwear; Womens shoes

A flexible sole made entirely of jute rope or a similar synthetic material. This type of sole is usually coupled with a “wedge” heel because of the flexible nature of the material used. This style ...

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