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Wood flooring

Of, or related to the laying of, a floor covering made from wood.

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Wood flooring

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Building materials; Wood flooring

Launched in 1986, NWFA’s mission is to help advance and promote the wood flooring industry, while bringing valuable resources and information to its members. The NWFA has over 3,500 members ...


Building materials; Wood flooring

An Armstrong exclusive installation aid for sealing concrete that has excess moisture, prior to installing the floor.


Building materials; Wood flooring

Refers to how thick or thin a product is. Different scales are used to measure this property.

volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Building materials; Wood flooring

This is a measure of the non-water solvents that are in a particular product.

volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Building materials; Wood flooring

VOC is an acronym for volatile organic compounds, which are gases that can trigger allergic reactions, asthma and upper respiratory infections. All Armstrong floors have very low VOC.


Building materials; Wood flooring

The width of the individual wood boards that make up the floor. “Strips” are narrow boards measuring less than 3 inches wide. “Planks” are wider boards measuring more than 3 inches wide.

wood species

Building materials; Wood flooring

The primary species from which the wood floor is made.

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