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Of or pertaining to any computer intended for personal use, but with a much faster processor and more memory than an ordinary personal computer.

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typed flush left on the page

Computer; Workstations

A typed flush left on the page.

call for papers

Computer; Workstations

A call for papers (CFP) is a method used in academic and other contexts for collecting book or journal articles or conference presentations. A CFP usually is sent to interested parties, describing ...

review committee

Computer; Workstations

A committee established by a professional organization or institution to assess and ensure quality. Unlike a peer review committee, it can function on its own initiative with regard to a broad range ...

royalty free

Computer; Workstations

Royalty-Free, or RF, in photography and the stock photo industry, refers to a copyright license where the user has the one-time right to use the photo without restrictions. The user can therefore use ...


Computer; Workstations

Following chronological sequence, 2 following one another without interruption; successively.


Computer; Workstations

Definition for "paper" in "call for paper".

to submit

Computer; Workstations

Sens 1: Arriver quelque part, atteindre Sens 2: Réussir à, arriver à un résultat particulier.

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