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World languages

Various languages spoken around the world, their origin, history and culture.

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World languages


Language; World languages

Predominantly spoken in Zambia, Tonga can also be also heard in the northern part of Zimbabwe. It is taught in primary and secondary schools in Zambia, but not in Zimbabwe. How are you? ...


Language; World languages

It's a combination between two languages , Arabic and English and it's used when someone's mood isn't that good or when someone is going through hard times , for example when someone asks you "how ...

translation automation

Language; World languages

Not to be mistaken for machine translation, automated processes still involve linguist translation, but rather eliminate any unnecessary human touch points that may exist within your translation ...


Language; World languages

SDL Trados is a computer-assisted translation software suite, originally developed by the German company Trados GmbH and currently available from SDL International, a provider of translation ...

terminology management

Language; World languages

A searchable database containing lists of terms and additional term data ensuring consistency within translations. Terminology management allows the translator to achieve effective and accurate ...

back translation

Language; World languages

A literal translation of a translation. It helps a translation consultant determine whether the original meaning has been preserved in the target language. Source: Trans-k.co.uk.

computer-aided translation

Language; World languages

A translation with the aid of computer programs, such as translation memory, terminology management and localisation tools, designed to reduce the translator's workload and increase consistency of ...

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