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Written communication

Communication through written form. This can include electronic communication.

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Written communication


Communication; Written communication

A letter is a written message in paper. Nowadays it’s unusual to use this way to communicate (unless for official or important issues) due to the advance in the telecommunications.

Mass Media

Communication; Written communication

A set of communication tools such as magazines, newspaper, radio and TV with one purpose in mind: to convey a message.

feature phone

Communication; Written communication

A feature phone is a mobile phone which is priced at the mid-range in a wireless provider's hardware lineup. It is intended for customers who want a moderately priced and multipurpose phone without ...

symbol knitting

Communication; Written communication

Creating a figure or pattern with all kinds of punctiation marks in order to express some kind of feeling or message - used in social media like Facebook.

Calm The Fuck Down (CTFD)

Communication; Written communication

Calm The Fuck Down is usually told by really good friends to their frantic friends. It would be awkward or insulting if you text or tweet it to others.

Original Poster (OP)

Communication; Written communication

Original Poster also known as OP. This is usually found in 9gag, the FML website, or Tumblr especially when referring to the person in the comments.

Throwback Thursday

Communication; Written communication

Throwback Thursday is also known as TT. Another day to look back in the past with old pictures and to share it with friends, specifically on a Thursday.

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