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Biology; Zoology

To reproduce by giving birth or hatching. Mosquitoes breed in water and seals breed on land.


Biology; Zoology

Movement from one place to another. Animals often use limbs, wings, or other appendages for locomotion.

gut (enteron)

Biology; Zoology

Body cavity formed between the mouth and anus in which food is digested and nutrients absorbed; it consists of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, intestine, and anus, though some animals do not ...


Biology; Zoology

The expanded and hardened base of the appendage of many arthropods, notably trilobites, crustaceans, and marine cheliceramorphs. Used to macerate food items before ingestion.

gill slit

Biology; Zoology

A slitlike or porelike opening connecting the pharynx of a chordate with the outside of the body. Gill slits may contain the gills and be used for gas exchange, as in most fish, but may also be used ...

gill arches

Biology; Zoology

Stiffenings which support the flesh between the gill slits of chordates. In most vertebrates, the first gill arches have been modified to form the jaw, and in tetrapods, the inner ear bones.


Biology; Zoology

In aquatic animals, highly vascularized tissues with large surface area; these are extended out of the body and into the surrounding water for gas exchange.

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