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Baked goods

Of or related to food prepared by the use of high heat, especially an oven, to make the food product edible for human consumption. Usually requires yeast as an active ingredient.

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Baked goods > Pastries

banbury tart

Baked goods; Pastries

Banbury tarts are filled with raisins and cracker crumb, and topped with lemon zest. Enclosed on all sides, this "tart" is actually a turnover.

banana cream pie

Baked goods; Pastries

A sweet dessert pie that is made of banana custard topped with whipped cream in a pie crust.


Baked goods; Pastries

Middle Eastern pastry that is often eaten as a dessert, baklava is layered with a flaky crust that is brushed with a honey glaze. The layers are made of phyllo, which are very ...

apple pie

Baked goods; Pastries

Although American apple pie is quite common and popular, apple pie originally originated from England. A common apple pie usually uses cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar to add spice to ...

angel pie

Baked goods; Pastries

A pie made with a meringue crust and a whipped cream filling and topping. Sometimes, angel pie also includes a layer of fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries or lemon curd.

almond tart

Baked goods; Pastries

A tart that is made with almond paste filling.


Baked goods; Pastries

Presumed to be first invented by the Egyptians, pastries usually have a dough crust with a meat, fruit, or jam filling. They are usually flaky or crusty and can be savory or ...