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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Circus

Diabolo is a juggling routine based on the principles of a gyroscope. Uses a spindle and a rope, includes toss and catch routines.


Entertainment; Circus

Fire acts are performed with the utmost in care, and includes acts such as flaming club juggling, flaming poi, and fire breathing. Don't try this at home; Circus performers spend ...

flying trapeze

Entertainment; Circus

Flying Trapeze is one of the signature acts of the circus, the flying trapeze is the one act most people associate with a circus. Generally performed with safety ropes or a net. ...


Entertainment; Circus

Globes require balance and agility to keep the a globe from rolling out from under the performer's feet. Advanced tricks include traversing ramps or steps, juggling and ...


Entertainment; Circus

Gymwheel is not only a circus act, but a sport also known as wheel gymnastics. Artists roll, revolve and spiral, into, out of and on the apparatus known as the Gymwheel. It is a ...

hair hang

Entertainment; Circus

Hair Hang performers actually hang by their hair, braided and tied in a special knot. This is a traditional circus act.

hand balancing

Entertainment; Circus

Hand Balancing is an exhibition of strength and grace where two to four individuals perform a choreographed display of partner balancing.