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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Circus

Skating acts include roller, inline, or even ice skates. Acts range from Olympic style partner acts, to roller disco style, to extreme stunts.

Spanish web

Entertainment; Circus

Spanish Web is the aerial ballet of the circus. Performers dance up and down the rope-like apparatus using a variety of maneuvers and loops. The Spanish Webs require a high ...

swinging trapeze

Entertainment; Circus

Swinging Trapeze is another signature act of the circus, a solo artist on the trapeze has always captivated audiences. Our performers employ grace and expert timing in the ...


Entertainment; Circus

A board, usually about two metres long, centrally fastened on low-iron trestle and used as a jumping board in high jumping. The performer stands on the lowered end of the board ...


Entertainment; Circus

So-called "big trampoline" or "American trampoline" is not practically used in today's circuses. It was a plank slope, lowering from the height of several metres down to the ...

triple trapeze

Entertainment; Circus

Triple Trapeze links three together to provide the backdrop for this act of choreographed artistry requiring strength, timing and teamwork.


Entertainment; Circus

Tumbling is closely related to gymnastics. Tumbling has always been a part of the circus, in acts such as flip-flop and cartwheels.